Greetings and welcome!

My name is Pavel Proskuryakov. I am digital and plastic, photo and video, abstract and real artist with a professional photographer certificate. Hope I made you laugh because I am also into clowning. This is my public site and all content here is my property. Here you can learn a little about me and see my artwork. The peculiarity of my work consists in experiments with the abstract potential of the documentary environment. I use the camera matrix as canvas and light as paint. Compared to other trends in contemporary art, abstract expressionism made the greatest impression on me. Perhaps that is why my artworks are more look like abstract painting, both in terms of visual aesthetics and in terms of approach to creation. Like Abstract Expressionists, I follow spontaneity and uncontrolled mental processes like intuition. My story began with a flawed shot. He interested me more than high-quality pictures. In my opinion, the fuzzy effect is similar to the painterly effect. And by applying blur, I create a digital light painting using photographic technique. I also think that uncertainty creates new meanings. Maybe she is more free ?! Anyway, I think abstract intuitive digital painting, including my art, deserves attention. So enjoy)