Pixels are micro squares that make up a digital (raster) image, a kind of elementary particles of digital photography.

In usual pictures, pixels are not visible to the viewer, and their visibility characterizes the photo as of poor quality. However, this is the “matter” of the digital image, the fabric of photography. Human body tissue cells enlarged

under a microscope interest us no less than the body itself, and maybe even more. They are hidden from the naked eye

and endowed with a certain secret, mystical vitality. In the Pixelation series, I “placed pixels under a microscope”,

I developed the elementary particles of a digital image. Pixelation was based on the destruction of images of real objects. Nevertheless, the result of this destruction is new - pixel worlds, and their constituent new - pixel forms.

                                                                                                                                                              Pavel Proskuriakov

Pixelation (9786)

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