January 27, 2021

                                    Photo exhibition "Premium"

On January 27, a photo exhibition "Premium" opens at the Novosibirsk Art Museum,

timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the organization of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia.

The exposition represents the golden fund of Novosibirsk photography - works awarded with prizes and certificates at prestigious Russian, All-Union and international photography competitions, from the 70s of the last century to the present day.

The active participation of Novosibirsk photographers in Russian, all-Union and international exhibitions and salons for fifty years, contributed to the formation of a strong school of Soviet and Russian creative photography in Novosibirsk.

The exposition of the exhibition includes more than 100 works by almost 40 authors, both members of the SFR and those who are not included in the photo union. The works of masters of the older generation A. Polyakov, V. Sedykh, A. Lashkov, L. Makarshin coexist with photographs of young talented authors. The curators represent the whole spectrum of creative photography: from photojournalism and press photography to all kinds of art photography.

Such a wide expositional approach allows one to visually compare the creative methods of photographers of different generations, the peculiarities of their style, and to identify trends in the development of photography.

In the exposition of the exhibition, its multimedia block with photographs, awarded and awarded in 2013–2020, and texts on the history of the development of photography in Novosibirsk and Siberia, is also significant.

The curators tried not to forget anyone, but time is relentless, and some works and names of Novosibirsk photographers remained only in exhibition catalogs. This project opens the door to the world of "high photography", to the world of festivals and contests to all those who appreciate the art of the "stopped moment".

Participants of the "Premium" exhibition:

Svetlana Bakushina, Andrey Baulin, Boris Baryshnikov, Andrey Grebnev, Vladimir Dubrovsky, Yuri Zakharov, Valery Zoloedov, Evgeny Ivanov, Valery Klamm, Viktor Kreider, Alexander Kopalov, Evgeny Krivtsov, Sergey Kristev, Alexander Kryazhev, Andrey Lashkov, Vilor Leschenko, Lev Makarshin , Pavel Miroshnikov, Anton Mukhametshin, Elena Muchnaya, Vladimir Novikov, Vladimir Osintsev, Konstantin Oshchepkov, Anatoly Polyakov, Mark Rasskazov, Stepan Rudik, Vladimir Sedykh, Veniamin Skorodumov, Anton Unitsyn, Andrey Shapran, Oleg Shabinsky, Anton Mukhametchin, Victor Borovskikh, Roman Shalyonkin, Anna Maslova, Yana Kolesinskaya, Sergey Sukhovey, Yuri Matyushin, Pavel Proskuryakov, Svetlana Tarasova.