City Center for Fine Art

Novosibirsk, Russia



Pavel Proskuryakov

solo exhibition

October 20 - November 6, 2016

Pixels are micro squares that make up a digital (raster) image, a kind of elementary particles of digital photography. In usual pictures, pixels are not visible to the viewer, and their visibility characterizes the photo as of poor quality. However, this is the “matter” of the digital image, the fabric of photography. Human body tissue cells enlarged under a microscope interest us no less than the body itself, and maybe even more. They are hidden from the naked eye and endowed with a certain secret, mystical vitality. In the Pixelization series, I “placed pixels under a microscope”, I developed the elementary particles of a digital image. Pixelation was based on the destruction of images of real objects. Nevertheless, the result of this destruction is new - pixel worlds, and their constituent new - pixel forms.

National Center for Contemporary Art
Tomsk, Russia


Pavel Proskuryakov

solo exhibition

March 4 - April 3, 2016

SoMA gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia

"The project is dedicated to the work of famous abstract artists. Taking a well-known painting as a basis, I created my work, trying to

achieve maximum consonance with the work of the master. The idea of ​​the series is to show the possibilities of abstract photography."


-Pavel Proskuryakov


Masterly using a lens instead of a brush, light instead of paint, moving in the semblance of a shamanic dance or the dance of St. Vitus, Proskuryakov creates his photographs. He is inside the process, his movement, as well as the movement of the camera, in a single dynamic process create a new light abstraction similar to abstract expressionism.


The famous representative of Abstract Expressionism - Jackson Pollock (Jackson Pollock) American artist founded the so-called "action painting" (Action Painting), which is a method of spontaneously applying an image to the canvas. 


This was embodied in the movements of the author's body during the drawing process. Spilling, throwing, splashing paint, he energetically moved around the canvas, as if dancing, and did not stop until he intuitively fixed the final result. The artist's goal was to "directly transfer the creative process to the canvas." Critics have called Pollock "Jack the Dripper" by analogy with the famous "Jack the Ripper".


In the presented project, our author can be called "The Ripper of Reality" because

as a basis for creating his works, he takes profane artifacts of the reality around us, dissecting them through the process of photography and turning them into an aesthetic product.


He uses himself as an expressive dynamic tripod, and the camera matrix as a canvas on which he puts the necessary and sufficient amount of light and color. Outwardly, it looks like Pollock's quasi-ritual dances, but unlike the picturesque abstractionism, in Proskuryakov, we repeat, banal environmental objects become the basis for creating photographs.


The project is intended to demonstrate the process of creating photographs from a formal figurative basis through expressiveness, dynamism of action to a convincing aesthetic result directly related to the history of contemporary art of the twentieth century.

-Slava Mizin, the Blue Noses Group

Museum Center Peace Square
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Victory Day

Pavel Proskuryakov

solo exhibition

February 16 - April 2, 2017

Museum Center Peace Square, Black gallery, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The 9th of May is a celebration of victory of the Soviet Union’s people against Nazi Germany during the World War II. That day was full of expression. The works of this project were created on the basis of the photos of the fireworks dedicated to the Victory Day – culmination of the celebration. During the shooting, I played the role of a conductor between the real external expression of the holiday and the internal potential expression of the blanks of the photos of the project. Absorbing the energy of people around me, I expressed it in photography. Then, editing the images, I tried to interpret emotions, phenomena, nature and pictures connected with this holiday. Past and present lives like lines either drifting in parallel or crossing each other in time. Abstract forms like the images of life, death, peace and war. Different combinations of color fields like interpretations of human emotions: aggression, fear, peace and happiness. As a result, due to those images I got the association with the battlefields and the chaos of the war of that time. Attacks, dirt, blood, explosions and thousands of lives, drifting in opposite directions and meeting each other on their ways