“The 9th of May is a celebration of victory of the Soviet Union’s people against Nazi Germany during the World War II. That day was full of expression. The works of this project were created on the basis of the photos of the fireworks dedicated to the Victory Day – culmination of the celebration. During the shooting, I played the role of a conductor between the real external expression of the holiday and the internal potential expression of the blanks of the photos of the project. Absorbing the energy of people around me, I expressed it in photography. Then, editing the images, I tried to interpret emotions, phenomena, nature and pictures connected with this holiday. Past and present lives like lines either drifting in parallel or crossing each other in time. Abstract forms like the images of life, death, peace and war. Different combinations of color fields like interpretations of human emotions: aggression, fear, peace and happiness. As a result, due to those images I got the association with the battlefields and the chaos of the war of that time. Attacks, dirt, blood, explosions and thousands of lives, drifting in opposite directions and meeting each other on their ways”

                                                                                                                                                           Pavel Proskuriakov

Victory Day (6221)

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